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The Accredited Estate Planner® (AEP®)

Client Centered

The Accredited Estate Planner® designation is administered and maintained by the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils.  Founded in 1962, the association's core belief is that the client is best served by a team approach to estate planning, involving attorneys, accountants, trust officers, insurance and financial planners, and other qualified professionals. 

How can an AEP® Professional help me? 

  • Offer advice and help you prepare a personalized estate plan
  • Recommend planning strategies to build and preserve your wealth
  • Explain all of the complicated estate, tax, and personal planning issues associated with your specific needs
  • Coordinate the services from all of your professional advisors or refer you to those who may help you meet your objectives
  • Provide the peace of mind that your needs are taken into account and that your wishes will be followed in the future

Highest Professional Standard


Every AEP® designeee is licensed, practices within the field, has proven experience, and is recognized by his or her peers as having a strong professional reputation.  

An AEP® professional is required to obtain a significant amount of continuing education yearly, remain current with their licensing organizations, and certify loyalty to their clients and the team approach to estate planning. 


Your AEP® designee is committed to you and your unique situation and understands that each estate plan is different and must be handled with thoughtful consideration. 

An AEP® professional will work with you to develop a strategy that to help you achieve financial security during your lifetime and facilitate the intended transfer of your assets at death, while taking into consideration your unique circumstances and the potential costs of alternative ways to achieve your goals.  


As a member of the National Associate of Estate Planners & Councils, each AEP® professional recognizes the importance of adhering to a code of ethics that emphasizes a team approach to estate planning.  You may rely upon the competency, knowledge, professionalism, integrity, objectivity, and responsibility of each person qualifying as a candidate for certification, as well as those who are currently certified.